Program Name

I AM M.A.G.I.C.K: Positivity & Prints

Partnering Organization

Pure Magick, a Newark based business that is committed to inspiring you to live life with more ease and enthusiasm. This means more of what you want – not just more. Pure Magick develops simple and powerful practices that takes the best of what you have learned in the past and simplifies those lessons down into bite size fun activities to really help and support you on your self development journey.


A powerful way to help students build confidence and achieve more of their potential is to show them how to revise their limiting beliefs (e.g., “I’m not smart enough for college,”  “I’m disorganized,” “I never finish what I start.”).  Affirmations are powerful tools for helping them replace this negative inner chatter with a more supportive thought.

In effort to establish strategies for creating success in college and in life, Pure Magick partners with the Newark Print Shop on affirmation classes to encourage students to:

  • Self-Responsibility,
  • Self-Motivation,
  • Self-Management,
  • Interdependence,
  • Self-Awareness,
  • Lifelong Learning,
  • Emotional Intelligence and
  • Believing in Oneself

What to expect?

Students will explore essential inner qualities and journaling to know how to apply these skills to their own lives. Pre- and post-course self-assessments will allow students to gauge their progress in developing these non-cognitive skills.