Double-Shift, a term used to describe when someone works back-to-back shifts, is illustrative of the duality that exists for printmakers who run print shops and then shift gears to make their own artwork. This requires both a psychic as well as a physical shift in making the transition from what you do for a living to what you do for your creative life. This dynamic requires an ebb and flow between the left and right brain, and requires a level of commitment that demands drive, energy, perseverance and passion.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday June 23rd 6-9pm
EXHIBITION DATES: June 23 – September 9, 2017

Matt Barteluce, Guttenberg Arts Center
Kathy Caraccio, K. Caraccio Printing Studio
Lisa Conrad, Newark Print Shop
Paul DeRuvo, Center for Contemporary Printmaking
Rachel Heberling, Printmaking Center of New Jersey
Erik Hougen, Lower East Side Print Shop
Lisa Mackie, Lisa Mackie Studio
Stephen McKenzie, Newark Print Shop
Justine Sanz, EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
Christopher Shore, Center for Contemporary Printmaking
Russ Spitkovsky, Guttenberg Arts Center
Rob Swainston, Prints of Darkness