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Prayer & Prints

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The Yoga of Awo is a Newark based business that offers Yoga practices that help you find clarity, stay consistent, and experience bliss.  The Yoga of Awo commits to creating resourceful activities to help you overcome life challenges, deepen your spiritual practice and transform how you are experiencing life.


The Yoga of Awo encourages participants to establish a consistent meditation and prayer practice.

Meditation shawls or prayer shawls/cloths have been used in many spiritual traditions over thousands of years. The vibrational energy that is emitted during a meditation is said to be enclosed by the shawl/cloth, and thus aids in supporting the meditative mind. Wearing/using a shawl or utilizing a prayer cloth one can benefit in their spiritual endeavours.

These shawls can be used in multiple ways. They can be used pre or post a yoga session as a yoga blanket to aid relaxation, and help the body re-balance its temperature at an ideal rate. They are also the perfect accompaniment to a yoga or meditation retreat for either practice, or to cover clothing and if necessary maintain modesty.

What to expect?

Enjoy guided meditation, journaling and shawl/cloth creation for your moments of prayer.  Light refreshments served.