INCUBATE: NPS Members Show

INCUBATE, a term used to describe the aid in development and growth by creating and maintaining favorable conditions. Through its membership program, Newark Print Shop offers artists accessibility to printmaking facilities and materials as a means to advance their creative practice. 

The exhibition is on view from January 26, 2018 – March 10, 2018

Loren Abbate
Kristian Battell
Aria Bowes
Jennifer Coard
Sean Coates
Shawn Collins
Lisa Conrad
Kylie Lefkowitz
Alisa Lemon
Stephen McKenzie
Diana Palermo
Kenely Torres
Luke Walter

Monoprint By Kristian Battell

Embellished Cyanotype by Jennifer Coard
“Things Left Unsaid • Leg”

Screenprint by Alisa Lemon

Screenprint by Diana Palermo
“It’ll make you penitent”

Monoprint by Loren Abbate

Mixed Media with Cyanotype
by Kylie Lefkowitz