Fotochrome:  Film Photography Workshop

SUN 11/18
12 – 4pm
$125 (includes all materials)

Since the digitalization of photography, analogue photography has been viewed as a lost art form. In spite of this, there is resurgence of film where photographers are challenging themselves, expanding their skill set, and composing remarkable images that reflects in digital work. During this 6-hour intensive course, you will learn to observe and understand light, compose and capture with film, develop and make exceptional prints. The very essential key students will obtain from this workshop is finding meaning in photographs rather than words. Significantly, how to produce images with film that are important and powerful in their eyes, as opposed to ‘taking pictures” is the core objective of the workshop. This workshop is recommended for intermediate to beginner photographer interested in the traditional process of film photography. A 35mm film camera will be needed for this class. If you are unable to obtain one, a camera can be provided for the duration of the workshop.

Chrystofer Davis is a Newark, NJ native and 10-year photographer/filmmaker, whose work is influenced by street shooting/portraits and contemporary culture. He is a graduate of Bloomfield College with BA in Creative Arts & Technology. During the course of his career he has photographed celebrities such as Johan Hill, Lil’ Boosie, Fredo Starr, in addition to political figures such as Michelle Obama. He has worked on campaigns with companies like Coogi, Jewel House, FUBU The Collection in conjunction with Lids, Urban Outfitters, and Puma. Also, he was able to showcase his work on national media outlets like MTV and VH1. He hopes to inspire next generation photographers to continue striving for their own perfection and challenge themselves.

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