PINT-SIZED PRINT CLUB is designed for our pre-school aged children and their caregivers:

  • ✓ FREE drop in program for pre-school aged children
  • ✓ First Saturday of the month (FALL 2018)
  • ✓ 10am – 12pm
  • ✓ Sponsored in part by Newark Art’s ArtStart Grant

The following is a workshop schedule outlining the various printmaking methods and projects:

SEPT 8th –  10am-12pm – Stencil Screenprinting on Tote Bags

Students will learn about screenprinting as a medium and will be introduced to the process through a demonstration. Students will then explore the screenprinting process as they create imagery through stencil collage techniques and then print them on tote bags using silkscreens.

OCT 6th – 10am-12pm –  Printed Flags *offered in conjunction with Open Doors Kids

Students will draw directly onto foam printing plates of a variety of pre-cut shapes using pencils. These printing plates will then be inked using brayers and transfered onto fabric flags using our child-size etching press.

NOV 17- 10am-12pm – Relief Printmaking

Students will learn about relief block printing to create beautiful imagery. Students will create relief blocks and learn how to apply ink using a brayer and stamp in a repetitive pattern.

DEC 1st- 10am-12pm – Plate Monoprinting on Greeting Cards

Students will discover the magic of monoprinting, the most painterly approach to printmaking. Students will use brushes, sponges, and other tools for markmaking to directly apply ink to plexiglass printing plates. Students will learn to transfer their plates onto paper using our child-size printing press.